About Us

Established in 2005, Full Circle is a dynamic and results-focused management consultancy practice. We have enjoyed significant growth over the last few years and we attribute this success to a number of key factors, namely:


We understand that in nearly every case our clients have limited time, limited resources and a limited budget. Our focus at all times is on the delivery of consultancy solutions that are practical, results-focused and based on the capacity of the client to actually implement these solutions in full.


One of the Key Success Factors for any business is FOCUS. An absolute priority for us on any project is to ensure that the client is focusing the right resources at the right time in the right way at the right opportunities.


Every client is different in terms of for example capabilities, level of ambition and resource availability. Consequently, we will always steer clear of "one solution fits all" consultancy solutions - what works for one client will often not work for another. We therefore work in a very "hands on" way to provide consultancy solutions that are tailored to the specific needs of each client.

Real Life Experience

Clients are often initially sceptical about the prospect of engaging with management consultants, the perception being that we are strong on business theory but light on the pragmatics of running an organization. We have therefore deliberately recruited a senior consultancy team with the gravitas, credibility and track record of achievement which we consider is necessary to establish strong working relationships with all of our clients.


Our senior consultants are constantly pushing the boundaries in terms of what is possible - "standing still" and admiring recent achievements is not an option! We apply this thinking on every consultancy assignment - what could / should our client be doing that is better or different and which provides a sustainable competitive edge?

Financial Results

Our approach is unashamedly commercial and we make no apology for focusing explicitly on helping participants to increase turnover, manage costs and make more profit. We are therefore happy to be judged on the basis of our ability to actually make tangible improvement in these areas.