How to Set Up your First Facebook Advert

Facebook have been gradually changing the platform’s algorithms to reduce the reach of Company Page organic posts.

B2C (business to consumer) Companies who consider Facebook a key marketing tool are finding it increasingly difficult to reach their audience. The key to continuing to use Facebook as a successful lead generating tool is:

1. Create viral content

2. Use Facebook’s targeted ad campaigns

Facebook’s targeted ad campaigns are very useful for B2C micro and small businesses with small marketing budgets. The reason Facebook ads are so successful is due to the profound targeting options available. Businesses can be very specific about the target audience their content should be displayed to, filtering includes geographic, demographic, lifestyle, behaviour and interests. This can make your advert much more effective than a blast ad in a newspaper or magazine, which will be read by lots of people and sometimes not even your target audience.

This blog focuses on creating a successful targeted ad on Facebook. Follow these simple steps to create a Facebook ad and to increase your business’ content reach on Facebook.

1. Login to Facebook and select ‘Create Ads’

2. Select a campaign objective. Think carefully what you want the campaign to achieve and select the right option for the campaign.
Please note: For the purpose of this example, we have selected the ‘Traffic’ objective. This will drive traffic to the website home URL or a website landing page. Each of the objectives follow a similar layout – but if you have any specific questions about the others. Please contact our digital marketing experts – or

3. If it is your first time creating an ad, you will be prompted to set up an ad account.

4. Select the correct time zone, the time zones sometimes default to America so ensure to change this to Europe/London (otherwise your ads may run at the wrong time).

5. Select where you want to send the traffic to (this section will vary depending on which campaign objective you have chosen). If you have selected the ‘Traffic’ objective you can opt for your website (or a landing page/any URL), an app or to open a Facebook messenger conversation.

6. Define your target audience. This option is applicable to all of the ad options and is the most important part of your campaign. The more targeted your audience is the better your campaign will perform.

Think carefully about your target audience. Where do they live? What age range are they in? Are they significantly more likely to be male or female?
Consider adding a remarketing pixel, Facebook’s remarketing pixel allows you to target ads to people who have visited your website before. To get help with adding the Facebook remarketing pixel to your website, in order to make your ads even more effective please contact our digital marketing experts – or
7. Add more detailed demographic information in the ‘detailed targeting’ field. Start typing keywords of interests of your target audience and select the relevant options.

For example, if your business provides wedding cakes you could select some of the following options.

Consider your target market’s demographic, lifestyle, life stage, behaviour and their interests.
8. Select your budget. If this is your first campaign, start small by running it for a short time and contributing £10/£20 of marketing budget towards the campaign. If your targeted demographic information is specific and your ad copy/imagery is good you should see a good return on investment, you can then decide how much to budget for future campaigns.

To get help with advanced techniques budget and scheduling, to make your ads even more effective please contact our digital marketing experts – or

9. Consider adding your Instagram account to display the ad on Instagram too.

10. Decide on the Ad format – how do you want the ad to display on Facebook. If you are on your Facebook profile news feed regularly you will probably have seen many of these sponsored ad types before.

Choose an ad type which suits the content you are trying to display. For example, if you have several product images to showcase choose carousel, if you have several photos of an event you are trying to promote try slideshow or if you have a video which will attract user’s attention then choose single video.

Here’s some screenshots of large brands using different types of Facebook ad styles.

11. Select your images/video from and upload from your desktop/laptop. Use the recommended image size given 1,200 x 628 pixels. Facebook doesn’t like text on images – use this tool to ensure your ad won’t be shown to less people because of the text : image ratio For more rules on images (like close up of products, before/after shots) see here

Use captivating, quality imagery to attract users to the campaign and ensure they stop scrolling to check out your ad.

12. Insert your ad link and copy. If the ad promotes a specific product, ensure and link to that product page and not the website homepage. A good headline and text will capture users attention and tell them what you are promoting – be clear.

13. Select the most relevant call to action. Calls to actions should be a key part of all your marketing activity – tell your audience what action you want them to take next.

14. Select Review and Confirm.

15. If this is your first sponsored Facebook ad you will be asked to complete your billing details.

16. Facebook will then review your ad content and let you know of any issues prior to publishing it.

17. Keep an eye on your ad’s performance by analysing the results in Facebook Ads Manager. Select ‘Manage Ads’.

18. The next page will analyse your ad’s results considering number of actions number, reach, impressions and cost per result in a table.

Use this data to inform future ads, changing different aspects of the objective, audience, copy and images to get the best results.

Hopefully this step-by-step document has guided you through your first Facebook ad campaign. There’s a lot to learn to refine your Facebook ads and if you have any questions please get in touch with Amy and Patricia, the Full Digital team. Good luck with your new ad!

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