Graduate Development

For many years companies have developed their graduate talent via a series of training workshops supplemented by coaching. Whilst this has enabled individuals to learn new skills and implement important aspects of development programmes into their day–to-day work, it hasn’t always created high performers who truly understand how to own and drive high performance. Modern, ambitious graduates are now looking for more from development programmes and indeed from the employers they seek out. Work life balance, clear business ethics and commitment to CSR are all important to young people deciding where they want to work.

Full Circle’s Graduate Development programmes not only provides a series of “performance opportunities” for each participant, they also create an internal support group who can ensure implementation of new skills, attitudes and behaviours long after the programme itself has been completed. It sets-up a high performance environment that is flexible, sustainable and largely driven by the individual.  Typically, our graduate development solutions offer design, launch, workshop based training, coaching, mentoring, improvement projects, accreditation, programme management and evaluation, all delivered by inspirational consultants using best-in-class methods.

Find out more about our Graduate Development programmes today by getting in touch with our Full Potential team. 

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