Management Solutions

Full Circle Management Solutions Ltd is one of Northern Ireland's fastest growing management consultancy practices. We attribute the growth that we have enjoyed to our passion for excellence, our ability to help clients to achieve positive and tangible change and our preparedness to "go the extra mile" on each and every assignment that we work on.

Our key areas of expertise include the following:

Strategy planning and development

We have a very pragmatic approach to business planning which centres around:

  • An in-depth assessment of the business in its current position. Here, we are seeking to clearly define both the strengths of the business that can be developed and enhanced and the weaknesses that represent constraints to growth
  • Careful analysis of the market conditions which are impacting / likely to impact on the business, either now or in the future. What we are seeking to identify here are market changes that may present either an opportunity or a threat to the business
  • The establishment of a clear vision for the business, incorporating explicitly defined and measurable developmental objectives for the next 3 - 4 years
  • The development of clearly defined strategies that aim to ensure the realisation of the Company's growth objectives

Our explicit aim during any strategy development process is to ensure that we develop a strategy which maps out clearly the proposed direction of the business in order that the owner-manager / senior management team can harness resources and focus on achieving results. We therefore want to ensure that the strategy developed serves as a working document to guide the efforts of the business during the implementation phase.

Export development

Significant sales growth for most companies can only realistically come by identifying, targeting and exploiting business opportunities in overseas markets. Because many of our senior staff have actually worked in senior export management positions in industry, Full Circle has real expertise in this field.

We are therefore in a position to provide practical assistance to clients in areas such as:

  • Assessing their readiness to export.
  • Selecting the most appropriate export market[s].
  • Conducting research to build up a clear picture of the export market in question.
  • Selecting the most effective route to market.
  • Preparing to meet with prospective customers, distributors or agents during an export market visit.
  • Maintaining the momentum of an export development strategy.

Through the traditional focus that Full Circle has had on export development, we have built a network of international associates in mainland Europe, India, Sri Lanka, China and North America. Our aim in establishing this network has been to ensure that we can provide "on the ground" support to export-focused clients.

Sales and marketing support

We work with many clients to help them to gear up to protect their existing business and to win additional profitable business. Our inputs here vary greatly and range from practical market research to sales training to support in the development of key marketing messages. We also specialise in capability building in areas such as finding and keeping new customers, customer relationship management, telemarketing and promotion.

Tender preparation

Through our experience of bidding successfully for many projects, we have built real expertise in the field of tender preparation. This work typically involves up-skilling clients in areas such as:

  • Reviewing the invitation to tender documents and assessing the extent to which the tender is winnable.
  • Demonstrating compliance with the minimum requirements of the tender.
  • Preparing successful tenders.
  • Securing feedback on tenders - successful or otherwise.

Market research

Full Circle has significant expertise in conducting market research on behalf of a wide variety of clients. What we are typically seeking to provide clients with is a clear and uncluttered picture of the market that they are either currently operating in or considering moving into. This incorporates an analysis of the market trends and developments that are impacting on / likely to impact on the client's business, an assessment of the competition facing the business and the sales prospects for the business in that market.