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Are there acute issues in your business that you need to get to grips with? Do you and your people lack strategic focus? Do you need “hands on” help to make real and positive change?

At Full Circle, we work with corporate clients so that they can view their business from every possible angle. With expertise in strategy, management, finance, branding and individual coaching, our aim is to sharpen their focus, achieve higher sales, improve performance and harness resources.

The First 90 Degrees - Fact Finding

Our initial focus is to understand clearly the current positioning of your business in terms of strengths that can be built upon as well as deficiencies that are hindering future growth. We consider your business from every possible angle. We look at your people, products, profits and profile. We talk to your staff and to your customers. Our first 90 degrees is our starting point. From there, we understand the scale of your business and are able to start plotting a new line on the horizon.

The 270 mark - Financials

Alongside our focus, we develop a full business plan with 3 year financial forecasting. This takes account of all aspects of your growth strategy and takes you forward by degrees. Your business trajectory is driven by numbers.

The 180 degree turn - Focus

In parallel with you and your senior management team, we establish a coordinated programme for improvement driven by SMART objectives. Again our focus is on people, products, profitability and profile. Our objective is to plot a course of action against a set of agreed coordinates over a specific time.

The Final Quarter - Follow-up

A good strategy is only as good as its implementation. The final 90 degree turn for your business focuses on implementing an agreed strategy – making things happen. Our people therefore work with your people to begin to introduce positive change in your business.